WarPods Review

WarPods Review

From the makers of Super SteamPuff, WeyrdWorks have just launched their brand new game, WarPods!

WarPods is a game where you control WarPods (up to three) and use your critical thinking and various powers to defeat the enemy. As you beat more and more monsters, you will start gaining more allies and have even more powers and weapons in your disposal.

Unlike Super Steampuff, WarPods is NOT an action game. WarPods is pretty much a puzzle game. To be exact, it is a turn-based, block-breaking game. Each level will have different enemy composition and position and you will need to find out the best way to shoot that maximizes hits onto the enemy.

The RPG part reminds me a lot of War Heroes. Basically, you will gain new allies based on your level progression (seems like it for now). However, levelling up your WarPods requires you to gain Coins and Character Cards, of which both you can get simply by playing the game. There are plenty of characters to choose from so there is plenty of room for you to choose to base your playstyle on.

Of course, just like the screenshots suggest, WarPods retain the whacky and 'weyrd' style of Super SteamPuff. The characters feel very lively and 'boink'-y, everything feels very lively and each character looks really fun!

However, unlike its predecessor, WarPods is a Free-to-Play game and is available on both Android and iOS!

So, looking for something to kill time with? Get WarPods on Android or iOS now!