Super Steampuff Review

Super Steampuff Review

Super Steampuff is an arcade-style mobile action game where you control a Puff and beat other Puffs in waves until you meet a boss. Beat the boss and the waves start again but now in different environments with rocks and comets flying everywhere.

Super Steampuff is surprisingly addictive and is a very effective time sink, especially when you're cut off from internet. Maybe it's better if I talk about my experience with it rather than reviewing the gameplay itself.

So, we went on a family holiday (balik kampung) during the raya holidays and we're pretty much stuck with spotty internet here and there. Now I'm stuck with my little sister just killing time.

So, obviously we start playing with the games on our phones. And one that we spent a LOT of time was on Super Steampuff. So, basically I'll play the game and my sister looks on. Then she takes the phone and plays and see if she could beat my high score. And once she beat my score, it's my turn and I beat her high score. 

And this continues until we start unlocking more 'Puffs', and surprise, more lives. Then we start meeting bosses that I haven't even encountered before and the bosses are actually pretty awesome. The bosses look really whacky and posed dangers and action-puzzles that you need to strategize your shots and movements to survive their attacks.

I was hoping there's a boss-only mode where we only fought bosses, but I guess having to survive 3 waves to meet a boss made the bosses feel more exclusive.

In fact, early on I was dying very quickly against bosses. Thanks to my little competition with my sister, we both became very good that maybe only 1 or 2 bosses appear as trouble to us. And of course, in later waves we start getting those stupid rocket launchers and grenades that one-hit kills us (and that does not include we need to dodge comets flying around too while dodging all that!) which actually posed more of a threat than the bosses later on lol.

Of course, some time during that I revealed that there's a local multiplayer mode! So then we start fighting against each other instead and laugh at each other for falling for tricks and feints.

Tbh, I think both of us probably sunk like 20-30 hours into the game. 

Now as for negatives, there's no story line. The game is really fun, but just like any arcade games, it gets repetitive later on. The only thing that will make you play is if you have friends like me edging you to beat their high score. Could've been great if there's an online mode, though I'm unsure how many players they have that that would be sustainable.

So, hey to the developers, thank you for making a fun game and strengthened our familial bonds lol. And if you're just looking for a mobile game to kill some time (and don't mind paying $1), be sure to get Super Steampuff.