Sunrider: Liberation Day Review

Sunrider: Liberation Day Review

Hey, if you're looking to captain a space ship, commanding a bunch of space girls fighting inter-galactic factions warring each other for control of the galaxy, you've found it. Sunrider: Liberation Day is a sequel to the free Visual Novel, Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius, where you're Kayto Shields, the captain of the rogue ship Sunrider, trying to maneuvre you and your crew in-between warring galaxical factions vying for power and unknown powers that transcends space and time.

The game is not purely a visual novel. It's a mixture of visual novel + turn-based tactical battle and RPG elements. The battle system is pretty similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, except with whole battles taking place in space. The battle turns out pretty fun AND may even be pretty frustrating at times. During battles, you will command Sunrider and her Ryders to victory and it is up to you to maneuvre your squad to victory and complete your objective or suffer defeat and annihilation at the ends of space pirates or PACT squads.

If you have not played Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius, it is better if you play that first (and it is free as well!) since Liberation Day is a direct sequel to that game. 

And just like any Visual Novel, story elements will change based on your decisions as a captain and the response you made towards your crew. And all of your decisions you made in Mask of Arcadius will be reflected in Liberation Day.

Liberation Day picks up from the final battle that took place in Mask of Arcadius. Depending on the choices you have made in the prequel, any character effects (yes, this includes THAT too if you prioritised destroying THAT thing in the prequel) and the availability of that 'special' item will be affected in your gameplay.

One thing I should highlight for Liberation Day is the voice actors. Yes, unlike the free predecessor, the lines are fully voiced. No, not only during battles silly, other than Kayto, every character is fully voiced in Japanese. And the Voice Actors are good.

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, it wouldn't be wrong to say that the story is very linear compared to its predecessor, so keep that in mind. Basically, don't expect a 'choose your heroine and end in her route' type of story. But, by the time you finish the first part of the game, the next part unlocks. The next part is devoid of battles (which will be made clear why when you play it), but it becomes clear to you as a reader why the whole events in Liberation Day took place and why certain characters acted in a certain way, and I feel the reveal was very satisfying to say the least. If you enjoyed the storyline in Mask of Arcadius, you will find this game fun as well.

However, the most improved thing over its predecessor will be the battle system. The battle system now feels very smooth and fast compared to before. Even though the battle system formula is still the same, but additions of more skills such as Sentinel, which allows Kryska to divert attention of enemy Ryders and Ships towards her, which allows more kind of maneuvres available during battle. AND the battles now feel less frustrating and more fun, at least in my opinion.

If you found Mask of Arcadius fun, be sure to pick up Liberation Day. And if you haven't played yet, make sure to play Mask of Arcadius first.