Inmotion P1 Electric Scooter/Bicycle Review

Inmotion P1 Electric Scooter/Bicycle Review

Having been using electric bicycle for nearly 1 year, I thought it's time for me to write a review for one of the electric bicycle that I own, Inmotion P1.

For you who don't know what's an electric bicycle is, it's essentially a motorbike that is powered by battery. So you just rev the handle and it moves, albeit at a slower speed (Inmotion P1's max speed is around 25+ km/h).

Inmotion P1 has a small frame and is foldable at the handle. Riding it feels very comfortable for a person like me (169 cm). My sister tried riding it (~150cm) and she also found it comfortable as well.

We have tried a few other mini electric scooters and the problem with some of them is that they don't feel 'balanced' while we were riding them. Inmotion P1 on the other hand doesn't give us any feelings like that. Riding it at 25 km/h feels very smooth, even when speeding down a hill.

It takes me ~10-15 minutes to go from my house to the office (around 5 km).

The weight is about 12kg. Not too bad even though I have to carry it up 3 storeys to reach my office. But do keep that in mind if you're living in a high place without elevators. Unlike a generic electric bicycle which you can just tie down with your bike lock, you may want to bring inMotion P1 all the time.

In my experience, the battery lasts around ~15-17 KM. The place I am riding the bike is pretty hilly, so that might be the reason for the lower mileage than the rated distance in their advertisement. Though in my case it doesn't really matter, since I simply charge it whenever I reach the office. If your workplace is like 20 KM away, you might as well get a motorbike bro. 

And the cons.

The cons is generally not about the bike itself.

The first cons would be the maintenance. My Inmotion P1 had a flat tyre twice. Now the problem is each time when I go to a generic bike repair shop, they can't fix it. Because they don't have stock for a 10" tyre inner tube.

So I had to go all the way to Puchong just to get the inner tube and it costs ~RM35 each. Compare that to a generic electric bicycle (I have one as well), I can easily fix it at a generic bicycle shop and it costs cheaper.

So in terms of maintenance, beware. If the shop you have to buy the inMotion P1 is far away from your home and IF they don't provide maintenance, I recommend you not to get this bike (even though the bike itself is awesome).

Secondly would be getting around in Inmotion P1 when commuting.

I usually have no problems riding inMotion P1 in LRT, KTM and MRT. The guards generally doesn't mind. Though some times they'll ask you to fold the bike and carry it. Nothing much I guess.

But the problem then is when you're trying to get into buildings like shopping malls. For some reason the guards are pretty strict, as in they don't allow me to go into the mall at all. I circumvented it by going through doors that has no guards. Though, the shop owner I brought from said he just carried it inside Pavilion and the guard didn't mind. That's not the case in my experience, but I guess your mileage might vary. So keeps this in mind as well.

So, conclusion? Inmotion P1 is a very delightful piece of tech and if you're looking for an e-scooter, this is a good choice. Just beware about maintenance problems, if there's no maintenance option for you, you're better off getting another e-bike that you could fix whenever it has problems, because it WILL has problems later on.