Game Design Tips

Game Design Tips

Found this in a random comment on Youtube. Posting here so that I could visit this again anytime.


i got a good tips for games design people,

wherever your making board games or video games, there is this famous guy who made the mtg card game and he lists some very powerfull game mechanics for games, and theres these three well known game mechanics used in video games.I have listed all the best game mechanics here, you generally like a game beacuse of one of these:

i hope you find this interesting.


easy then suddenly hard- if a game is very easy, but then flicks to extream difficulty it creates addiction; games like flappy bird or keptchap games seem to have grips with this genre.

random- random events naturally suprise players, its the equivelent to a climax in a book and can make a game loose it repetitive gameplay- first person shooters do this well.

many options at once- making the player feel he has great control makes him feel more powerfull. Games like minecraft has several different options that are avalible at once(while in no mans sky, you can only dig or re-fuel).

development- development in gameplay changes the game as it progresess, keeping the players interest.This can be incremental(like leveling up) or it the opposite( things getting worse for all the players) for the purpose of changing the gameplay as it progresess.

overpower- making the player capable of causing great havoc or destroying large objects, probably the reason why bosses are popular. ragdoll games use this, and games were there are big power-ups available(like mario cart).

context- having a good backstory makes the players feel apart of a different world, which might look fun to be in.

avoid awkward titles, like 'kill the slug' no one wants to kill the slug or directly trigger horrible things.The medic game (whatever you call it) dosent use 'save the human' as a title.


now im gonna put the three extra games design tips i found, which apply to board games as much as video games too(as do the things above):


hierarchy- the feeling of being higher status, obviously quite enjoyable for a human.One way to do this is to have different rankings like in mine craft:(iron, silver,gold,diamond) this means a player can be better than a normal player.The obvious way to implement hierarchy is to have the ability to win in the game.

context influence- the ability to change the plot of a story makes the player feel important.This is why skyrim might have many different options in speech to a npc, even though it literally makes no effect. Because sky rim always tries to express context influence.

social reasons- the ability to really grind another player or work together with other player is fun.The extremes of social mechanics are fun- trolling or group work. MOBAS use this mechanic and it is also why gambling can have its appeal.


Not everything is in all games, just think about these mechanics as useful colors in a color pallet,you definitely do not need to use all colours.?