Essential Things You Need To Know When Developing a Mobile App/Game (Technical Side)

Essential Things You Need To Know When Developing a Mobile App/Game (Technical Side)

In my previous post, we have been talking about the Overall and the Marketing side, where you need to incorporate monetization and marketing early on inside the game.

This post will talk about the gotchas you need to know on the technical side. At least if you are using Unity as your main game engine.

1. Install Firebase

Whatever you do, even if you have other preferred analytics, install Firebase inside the game. This is because Adwords' Universal App Campaign (UAC) heavily relies on Firebase to get install or action numbers for it to use to optimize the ads campaign.

Yes, you can still get away with not using Firebase inside your app or game if you are promoting your app on Play store only, since they can track clicks on the download button (not actual installs/first time playing by the way). But iOS App Stores will be out of your reach.

This is not a choice. You need to install Firebase or Adwords will be out of your reach.

2. Cross-Platform Plugins

If you use Unity for mobile game, one of your most important investment will be on a Cross-Platform plugin. And currently, I highly recommend Cross Platform Native Plugin by VoxelBusters. Seriously, you'll need this. And make sure to implement this early on in your dev life-cycle so you can avoid headaches later on.

3. Localization Plugin

And another for Unity. The built-in locale is nearly useless. You either have to roll your own plugins to directly get the locale info from each device, or use Precise Locale instead.

4. iOS Version Size Bloats, Badly! Build an iOS Build early on.

For some reason, you game / app may get really bloated on iOS, even if your Android version is small. For example, MiawFly is only 40MB on Android, but is a startling ~230MB monster on iOS. This is thanks to the way Unity packages the game for iOS (which btw, was 1GB in an exported X-Code project), which have something to do with your assets. File size is very important in determining whether people will download your game or not, especially in developing countries. So, build an iOS project early on so you can immediately see where the bloat happens and nip it in the bud quickly.

5. Use OneSignal as Push Notification

Yep, use OneSignal as your server for Push Notification. Don't use Google for that.

6. If you want to allow people to play your game on Tabs, your game must be good on 4:3.

Yes, your game needs to be built for 4:3, or at least have a graceful behaviour on a 4:3 screen. This is important. You don't want to build everything for a widescreen mobile phone just to find out all of your characters are horribly out of place when playing on an iPad or any 4:3 tablets / screens.

7. Use an animation Library instead of your own

Don't waste your time on creating an animation Library by your own. There are plenty of things available. And one is DOTween for Unity.

Alright, that's pretty much it. There are other things you'll need but these should cover your bases handily and doesn't give you ugly surprises in the future.