Clip Studio Paint Stuttering

Clip Studio Paint Stuttering

If you're an user of Clip Studio Paint and you've been unlucky, chances are your Clip Studio Paint stutters while you draw. The Cintiq will sometimes somehow skips a few frames, such that whenever you draw a full circle, all it becomes is a mess.

The good news is, your Cintiq is A-OK. It's also not a problem with Clip Studio Paint.

If your problem have been the same as me, chances are XboxStat.exe process is the one causing you problems. Your PC probably have this if you connect your XBox Controllers to your PC.

All you have to do is:

  1. Open Task Manager
  2. Find XboxStat.exe
  3. Click 'End Process'
  4. And for good measure:
    1. Inside Task Manager, click the Startup tabs
    2. Locate XboxStat.exe
    3. Disable it (So that it wouldn't run whenever you boot up your PC)

After you have killed XboxStat.exe process, Clip Studio Paint should be running fine now.

Well, maybe not.

In my own experience, the cursor will have an arbitrarily large amount of displacement, ie: when I use my stylus to touch the Cintiq screen, it will touch on something else.

Restarting the PC (with XBoxStat.exe being disabled during startup) solves the issue.

So, hopefully this helped you. Good luck and happy drawing!