Cintiq 13 HD Short Review

Cintiq 13 HD Short Review

It costs an arm and a leg, but if you're an artist then Cintiq 13 HD is definitely worth the price that Wacom asks. This review will be written primarily for the ones who haven't tried any Wacom display tablets yet.

The first thing in artist mind is obviously the experience of drawing. How does it compare to drawing classically on a paper or canvas?

I'm not much of an artist (you can see my l33t skillz here on DeviantArt), but I'd have to say they're pretty much on par! Yes, you may need to adjust a bit, but mostly the experience is pretty much the same.

The reason is that the Cintiq display and Pen isn't just like any tablet pen that, you know, replace your hands or thumb with a pen. Cintiq pen supports pressure and tilt. 

For example, when you're drawing, naturally you will put more pressure at places that you want to highlight, and less pressure where you don't want to. You might even tilt you pencil or pen to get the desired effect.

Cintiq covers all of them! Yes, your experience would be nearly the same as drawing on paper, except you'll be drawing on a glass display instead of paper. But now you can even 'undo' your drawings! Haha.

Now, how about the reliability of the Cintiq?

I've had it for about 1 year already. And I'm happy to say that it had never failed me even once. The build quality is good. Though I rarely bring the tablet outside (The version I have has Android installed), the tablet mostly stays on the table, acting as my secondary monitor.

But of course I will never, ever even try to drop them on the floor. Oh no.

How about portability?

It is pretty heavy at 1.3kg and is on the bulky side. I've tried bringing it everywhere in a keyboard bag and truth to be told it's not exactly something you want to bring anywhere. Not only that it is bulky, you want to be very damn careful because it costs a pretty penny. So, you can't treat it as a mobile phone or something. Even though it is only 13", you'd probably still leave it in your home besides your computer. However, it is small enough that in the event you need to bring it somewhere, Cintiq 13 HD is just nice.

And talking about portability, we need to talk about the Operating System as well.

To be honest, that's the only thing I'm disappointed with, since Cintiq never bothered to upgrade the Android version. It is stuck in Android 4 with no future updates. However, with the new Cintiq 13 HD Pro which is powered by Windows 10, maybe things will be different.

Other than that, I highly recommend Cintiq 13 HD. Or if you can, get the new Cintiq 13 HD Pro. You will not go wrong.

To be honest, the best way to experience is to just head to a gadgets / PC shop and try it yourself. If you're looking to make a leap to digital, then Cintiq remains the best choice, even though they're pricey. It's okay, if you only use your right hand to draw, you can always sell your left hand instead.

(There are plenty other display tablets for drawing so try shopping around, though I never tried them so I can't recommend nor not recommend them)