Xamarin.iOS: How to show alert dialog

Here it is:

UIAlertController okAlertController = UIAlertController.Create("Selected", SegmentedControlOrderStatus.SelectedSegment.ToString(), UIAlertControllerStyle.Alert);
okAlertController.AddAction(UIAlertAction.Create("OK", UIAlertActionStyle.Default, null));
PresentViewController(okAlertController, true, null);

And before you ask, no there's no direct Toast equivalent in iOS. You'll have to roll one yourself or use a library.

Xamarin.iOS: Remember to install Newtonsoft.Json in your iOS app

Yea, remember that especially when you're doing asynchronous calls inside a Task.Run() and it does not return at all. That means there's an error somewhere during the async call however since the async call is running on a different thread then you can't see the error in the debugger since the task terminates itself.